Ahiba Texomat dyeing machines (atmospheric dyeing) 12 positions.  220v, 60hz, 6 KW. OAD: 33" W. x 15" D. x 43" T. Available with 200, 400, 800cc glass tubes. Available with 400cc stainless tubes. Other parts, such as sample holders, Preparation tube rack, Rubber tube rings and Rubber stopper for vacant tubes, available as well.  6 units available.


Ahiba Polymat dyeing machines (pressure dyeing)

Can be fitted with carriers and different sized vessels (at additional costs) for dyeing. 220v 3 phase,



Models 1000, 100, 200, 100

150 cc, 250 cc vessels available rollmatics , mopracks and drip trays, sample holders


4 units available


Renigal dyeing machines (atmospheric dyeing)   


12 dye positions, made in Spain

10 units, s/s tubes, glass tubes, pressure tubes, tube prep holders, several types of sample holders


220 V, 10 units available


Atlas Launderometer




Praxitest dyeing machine ( R&D dyeing)exhaustive curves, dye aux performance, comes with operation manual

Used to determine the optimum conditions in which material will absorb the maximum amount of dye based on time, temperature, and textiles auxiliaries used. With manuals. 220V


Cat 7310 ser 2852



Fostoria pad infrared dryer (continuous dyeing)

Dryer Model 73-156. 10" working width. Used to simulate continuous dyeing process with infrared lamps simulating heat cans. Fitted with gold plate to evenly reflect and distribute heat. IR lamp temperatures are independently controlled and adjusted. One motor operates both dryer and padder. Chain driven, 240v, 57.6 amps, 24kw, 3 phase. OAD: 28" W. x 65" L. x 86" T. NOTE: FOSTORIA makes only customized units of this type based on customer's wants and needs. This type of padder is not off the shelf, it has excellent accuracy based on a weighted system. 2 units

Engineered by Dupont/Fostoria for accurate pad infrared predry 2 units available ser 80992 and ser J929

Carolina Yarn 032