Custom IR Dry Oven with Forced Air

Chamber 25"w 26"h 26" Deep
OD 41" H 31"W 30" Deep




Emerson Speed Dryer


Heat plate 13 1/2" x 24" SER 1497 MOD 10


Maximum temperature - 300C. 115v, 7 amps, 750 Watts. Used to dry moisture out of a sample piece of paper without burning substrate. No heat on the top.



Emerson Speed Dryer, Model 10.jpg





Stainless Steel Wash Tank, Custom for print screens    28" DEEP x 15"w x 40"






Assorted Print Screens














5 gal Barnstead Still


Bausch & Lomb Microscope  Dynazoom  w/ two polaroid cameras


Horizontal Print Developer Steamer



Hand Wringers