Hunter IR reflectance

Mod D40-IR ser 102


110v., OAD: 14 1/2" W. x 17" D. x 12" T.




Blue M water baths 5 Units


Magnetic, Model number MW-1120-C. 230v, 60 hz, single phase, Maximum watts: 1600. One unit with Chromalox temperature control and 12 positions. Openings measure 2 7/8" diameter. 2 units with Blue M temperature controls 12 and 15 positions. OAD: 14 1/2" W. x 29" D. x 16" T.


CUSTOM STEAM CONDITIONING CHAMBER 220V Sample drawer 9 1/2"W X 15" Deep; OD 27"H X 24" X24"


Can be used to develop prints





Custom Rug Dyeing Apparatus

Vacuum system for Foam Carpet Dyeing sample size 6"W X 12" L



Custom Scientific 12 pos Magnetically Stirred Bath ( burnouts cotton/polyester)


12 positions with openings of 2 7/8" diameter. Magnetized for agitation. OAD: 62" W. x 13 1/2" D. x 22" T. It is designed for 400cc or 200cc dye beakers. The heating is a recirculation system designed to maintain bath level with or without beakers in place. Pumps circulate 6 gallons per minute and the temperature range is up to 280F. Temperature can be regulated.