Blue M Floor Oven Forced Air


Maximum temperature - 180C/356F. 240v, 60hz, single phase, 15 amps. Inside dimensions: 23 1/2" W. x 20" D. x 29 1/2" T. OAD: 39" W. x 28" D. x 54" T. mod POM1533 C-2 ser CD-197 To 180C/356F





Hardaker Sample Cutter


Manual cam engaged operation, working width: 14 1/2", OAD: 27" W. x 25 1/2"D. x 23 1/2" T . Straight Blade and serrated blade.


Sussman Electric Boiler

HOT SHOT Mod ES-24 ser N-3027-W70 Nat. Board No. 52719 10 amp 220 V


Stainless Steel Skein Preparation Bar

4 1/2" diam 48" width of Bar





Custom Infrared (10 tube) dryer


Used for flat goods. Contains top and bottom tiers of 5 heating elements. It is non-driven unit but could be fitted with feed and take-up. Needs toggle switches that control the elements replaced on the control panel. 220v, 1 phase. 21" Quartz heater tube. Coiled Nichrome wire inside. Translucent quartz. Diam 62mm( 5/8") . Tube source temp 1200 deg F. Machine has a 30 amp ampmeter. Working width: 17". OAD: 278" W. x 39" D. x 40 1/2" T. There are five bulbs at the top and 5 bulbs on the bottom.